Some of the features of Quick 12 Financial Calculator

Many financial functions and programmability

Supports lots of financial functions: TVM, cash flow analysis, bonds calculations, depreciation calculations, etc.
Quick 12C is also programmable so you can record your keystrokes.

Easy access to help information

In case you forget how to use a particular function or key, just tap and hold the key for two seconds. And the relevant help information is displayed.

Business display format

You are busy and want to have the calculator simplify the result for you. So instead of displaying 845,792,029.00 you can set the calculator to display simply "845.79   M". Set the calculator to use one or two characters to denote thousand, million, and so on.  

Smart Snapshot

Conveniently view contents of finance variables, cash flow variables, data storage, and program listing (recorded keystrokes).

Twelve digits

Enter up to, not ten, but twelve digits
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